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Moa Vive

Moa Vive


A pillar in Afro-Brazilian culture, Romualdo Rosário da Costa or Mestre Moa do Katendê (1954-2018), was a multifaceted artist, educator and community mobilizer. In addition to being one of the greatest capoeira masters of Angola in Bahia, he was one of the main responsible for the re-Africanization of Salvador's carnival and composed valuable musical works, which had not been put on disc during his life. In 2019, a group of respected musicians gathered under the production of Átila Santana to record a sonic tribute to the late artist which became “Moa Vive” featuring nine of his compositions, with two including Moa himself on vocals.

There is a long of talented instrumentalists featured on the project, with the selection of songs based on the strength, versatility and timelessness of Moa’s works which have inspired popular Brazilian artists such as Gilberto Gil, Caetano Velos and Djavan. The songs also represent his deep connection to Afro-Brazilian culture, the renown Afoxé Carnaval group, the hard samba, MPB, capoeira and African-based religions.


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