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Masilva, a Colombian singer-songwriter, weaves together South American traditions with global sounds. On his upcoming album, Lucecita del Tiempo, set for release in April 2024, he performs genres such as porro, paseo, and Andean folk music in an acoustic and relaxed style. Beyond his musical endeavors, Masilva is deeply committed to social and environmental causes in his homeland of Colombia. As the musical director for Sinfonía Trópico, an arts and science platform dedicated to the conservation and protection of biodiversity, he uses his artistry to advocate for positive change and sustainability.

Masilva’s song “Del Orteguaza al Caquetá” is a laid-back guitar track featuring Laura Roussey’s delicate vocals, and the lyrics refer to areas and wildlife found near the Amazon River: “Small granny, big granny / Blue macaw, cock of the rock / From Orteguaza to Caquetá / To the Japurá to the Amazon /Take me flying, take me swimming…”


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