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Marijosé Alie

Marijosé Alie


Marijosé Alie is an acclaimed journalist and singer from Martinique. Alie's musical journey began at a young age where she was steeped in the rich cultural heritage of her homeland. With a voice as velvety as it is powerful, she rose to prominence in the 1980s as a singer with the iconic French Caribbean orchestra Malavoi. Beyond her musical contributions, Alie is revered for her advocacy for social justice and cultural preservation, making her a cherished icon in the Caribbean and beyond. While she has been largely focused on her career as a journalist in recent years, in 2020, Alie released her solo album, "Madanm". The album encourages women to keep their fists raised and fight for a better future. 

Her song “Sé Tann Ou Pa Ka Tann” (If You Don’t Listen)”, sung in Martinican Creole, conveys a message of perseverance. Its upbeat tune and powerful lyrics reflect on the resilience and strength of people who can continue walking as if the past had not affected them. “An old body descends the road / Clickety-clack on three feet / In front of people's doors, they talk / Behind their backs, rumors roll / See if your eyes are hurting you / I can hold your hand to heal you / And even if I decide / To speak like a book / If you don't listen.”

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