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Marianne Perrudin

Marianne Perrudin


Marianne Perrudin is a versatile singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and author from France. Her ethereal voice and guitar work traverse genres, including chanson, folk, and jazz, and her lyrics reflect her deep connection to nature and a desire to share its beauty through her words. She began her musical journey studying classical violin at a conservatory for nearly a decade while also teaching herself singing, guitar, and piano. Later, she expanded her skills at CIM, a jazz school in Paris, where she met Thomas Artaud. They released their first collaborative EP, "Unisson," in 2023.

Perrudin composed the song “L’Oiseau” (The Bird) in 2020 when she was obsessively listening to Brazilian bossa nova. The lyrics were added later when Marianne Perrudin was reminded of a relaxation technique she used as a child, in which an imaginary bird comes and takes away all your problems. In the song, the saxophone represents the bird, and other sounds are made from a variety of instruments and objects, including a djembe, a hairbrush and spoons. Marianne Perrudin sings, “In the evening haze, calm and cold / While everything around seems to rest / Floating in the shade, bright as gold / Wild spinning bird is wide awake.”

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