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Marianne Feder & Vincent Muller

Marianne Feder & Vincent Muller


Marianne Feder is a singer, songwriter and choir director based in France. She has recorded and released several albums since her debut in 2005. In addition to her own solo career, she works regularly for the Paris Philharmonic as a singer and choir director, where she became musical partners with Vincent Muller. She also directs for the Festival de Banlieues Bleues alongside Brazilian artist Tom Zé and the Afro-Cubano All Stars. Most recently, she has delved into the exquisite subgenre of electro swing with her 3rd album “L’hiver des Poètes.”

Vincent and Marianne originally composed the song “Dernier Rendez-vous,” featured on Putumayo’s Global Lounge 2 digital EP, for a multimedia project of sound and film. They are joined by musicians Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot, who gracefully interpret a poetic and melancholic bossa nova.


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