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Musician Spotlight

Maneli Jamal

Maneli Jamal

Iran / Canada

Acoustic guitarist Maneli Jamal's upbringing was marked by constant movement between Iran, Belarus, Germany, America, and Canada. His musical development was undoubtably influenced by this nomadic lifestyle, which gave him a variety of diverse experiences and a unique level of maturity. His style blends power, sensitivity, and a wide array of ideas, drawing inspiration from real-life stories. Jamal's talent has been recognized through numerous international music competition wins, such as securing first place at Canada's Soundclash Music Awards, and being named among "Acoustic Guitar Magazine's" top 30 guitarists under 30. Growing up in an artistic and musical family deeply influenced his storytelling style, which shines during his live performances. Additionally, Jamal runs an online guitar course, and has ventured into piano with Astrid Sky and cover songs under the pseudonym Casey Monroe.

His featured track “Canela” (Spanish for “cinnamon”) is a relaxing acoustic guitar instrumental. It originally appeared on his 2021 album "Beauty of Flow."


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Global Relaxation

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