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Lunau & Sund

Lunau & Sund


Lunau & Sund specializes in a captivating fusion of Nordic singing and songwriting traditions, entwined with folk and Americana influences, aptly termed "Nordicana." Their music exudes a contemplative Nordic sensibility, beautifully complemented by their evocative Danish lyrics. These verses gracefully navigate existential themes, nature and societal reflections with a thoughtfully infectious serenity. Trine Lunau, the vocalist and accordionist, joins forces with Peter Sund, the guitarist and fellow vocalist. Their artistic partnership has spanned 17 years, resulting in a unique and deeply empathetic dynamic.

Their indie-folk anthem "En seng af guld" or "A bed of gold" delves into the ‘autumn of life’, metaphorically portraying the changing seasons in both nature and human existence. While the theme explores the inevitable aging process and mortality, there's a sense of clarity and lightness, embracing the idea that it's all part of the journey.


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Acoustic Europe

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