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Of Tibetan descent, Tsering Lodoe was born in India and studied at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in Dharamsala. It was established under the Dalai Lama’s guidance in 1959 as the foremost center for the study of Tibetan traditional art and music. As a young child learning the songs and dances were fun but it wasn’t later that Lodoe realized the responsibility involved. Lodeo was performing on an international stage when there was a political decision to remove the Tibetan flag from the stage. It was in that moment he understood deeply the significance of  his performing the traditional music of Tibet.

His voice and music have become an avenue to tell the world about his homeland and to preserve this rich culture. He captured thousands of hearts around the world as the lead singer for the Oscar nominated Nepali movie, “Himalaya”, and can be heard on the soundtrack of “Seven Years in Tibet”, recorded at George Lucas Studios. His magical voice carries deep nuances of the rich Tibetan Lineage that can be felt in the simplest of notes to the most complex of melodies.


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