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Lirah is a musical duo formed by Lívia Guedes and Ramon Murcia, both accomplished artists and composers deeply involved in Brazil's cultural landscape. In 2020, during the initial Covid lockdown, they solidified their partnership, leveraging their years of experience in music, theater, and television to embark on a journey of refining and crafting original compositions. With a poetic and laid-back style, the duo introduces audiences to fresh songs that draw from Brazilian music while seamlessly blending with elements of world music.

Written by Murcia and Dudu Godói, “Naquela Rede” (In That Hammock) borrows elements of Northeastern Brazilian folk music and mixes it with a laid-back contemporary sound. “When she left / She left a longing / My heart ached / My world shook / The house crumbled / The hammock never swayed again / Will I ever see you again someday?”


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Global Café

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