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Lia Rose

Lia Rose


Lia Rose is a singer-songwriter who creates music focused on making a positive impact. Music first came to Lia Rose through her family’s musical wind chime business in California. As she grew up, she learned how to play the guitar and, after graduating from UC Berkeley, began touring with Indie Rock and Americana bands. Rose writes insightful songs about societal and political issues as well as her own life. In addition to her solo work, she is a founding member of The Brushfoot Migration and Built for the Sea. 
Late folk singer Kate Wolf wrote and recorded the original version of “Across the Great Divide” in 1981. Rose originally released her version of this oft-covered song in 2020. “I've been walkin' in my sleep / Countin' troubles 'stead of countin' sheep / Where the years went I can't say / I just turned around and they've gone away / It's gone away in yesterday / Now I find myself on the mountainside / Where the rivers change direction / Across the great divide.”


Featured on

Folk Café by Putumayo

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