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Ley Line

Ley Line


Ley Line is a captivating musical collective formed by four exceptional artists who effortlessly traverse various genres and languages to reveal the universal currents of music that connect us all. This dynamic group unites Austinites Kate Robberson and Emilie Basez with twin sisters Maddy Froncek and Lydia Froncek.
At the heart of Ley Line's music is a fusion of rhythm and intricate harmonies, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical traditions spanning North America, Europe, Latin America and West Africa. On the heels of their 2016 album, “Field Notes”, their sophomore release, 2020’s “We Saw Blue” has been described as a “healing a time of isolation and turmoil.” A self-produced Visual Album beautifully weaves together the songs with imagery and documentary footage of the group’s three month journey through Brazil that inspired the album.
Beyond their musical pursuits, Ley Line has developed an educational initiative called "Travel By Sound," designed for both youth and adults. This program promotes cross-cultural understanding and fosters collective vision through the power of authentic self-expression. 


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