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Israel / Spain

LAOR is a sacred music artist, medicine woman, healer, and sound alchemist. Born in the US, raised in Israel and now living in Ibiza, Laor is influenced by Judaism, various indigenous cultures, and her studies of the human psyche. Her journey began within the worlds of theatre, music and yoga, which eventually lead her to explore traditional plant medicines and the powerful role of sound in raising consciousness and contributing to emotional and physical healing. She has researched the power of the human voice for over twenty years, and travels around the world hosting sacred circles and ceremonial concerts. 

“Dyani” is originally from LAOR’s 2019 debut album "Agradeço." She sings hauntingly in a mixture of Hebrew and a made-up language, “Your eyes are so beautiful / Shining in the darkness / And my heart learns with you the language of love / My soul is so peaceful / While I walk within the vines / And my heart is a compass on a starry night.”


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