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La Vie

La Vie


La Vie is an emerging reggae artist from Montreal who has been wandering around Quebec perfecting his live solo performances since 2019. His first EP, “24/7,” was released in 2023, and features a combination of reggae, dub, and electronica. La Vie typically performs solo with a looper and each live performance varies, so his recordings attempt to maintain the live spirit of the artist with a slightly enhanced studio touch. La Vie’s music is characterized by simple yet effective rhythms with a lo-fi touch. 

His featured track, also called “La Vie” (Life), reflects on the challenges and monotony of tough times, emphasizing the need for action and expression through creativity, while maintaining hope and resilience. “Times are tough and tension is rising,” La Vie sings, “But it makes the ink flow in the notebooks / It's tough to shine when you stay in the shadows / The impression that we're going to quietly forget you / Every day the same refrain, nothing changes / Tiring like a rock in the shoe / Now is the time for us to do something.”

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