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Karima Nayt

Karima Nayt


Karima Nayt is a singer, modern dancer, and actress from Algeria. A graduate of the National Conservatory of Algiers, Nayt started her career as a dancer as well as an actress both on film and on stage. She moved to Cairo in 1998 where she became a soloist with the modern dance company of the Cairo Opera House. She also sang with the GRAMMY-winning musician and composer Fathy Salama and his group Sharkiat. Since she left Cairo in 2007 Karima has worked mostly in Europe, participating in different dance productions, and releasing her debut album Quoi d’Autre in 2012.

With its flavors of Cuban bolero and Argentinian tango mixed with North African elements, “Mèliy” is a sensual love song reminiscent of the music popular in Algerian and Moroccan cafés and cabarets in the 1940s and 50s. Effortlessly blending French and Arabic lyrics, Nayt’s song is the type of romantic and nostalgic song one might have heard tantalizing dancers at Rick’s Café in Casablanca.


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Mediterranean Café

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