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Joey Nowyuk

Joey Nowyuk


Joey Nowyuk is an award-winning singer and songwriter from Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada. Raised by a community that instilled in him the value of culture and language, the arctic indie rocker first picked up the guitar when a traveling music workshop came to town, and inspired him to keep playing – not an easy feat when guitar strings could not even be purchased in his remote community! Nevertheless, his beat-heavy, guitar driven songs – some in Inuktitut, some in English – tell stories of his life up North, always shining a ray of optimism and hope throughout.

With the release of his debut album, Tumitit (meaning “your footprints” in Inuktitut), Joey Nowyuk aims to join the ranks of celebrated Inuit artists such as Beatrice Deer and Elisapie in strengthening his people’s language and culture. Joey Nowyuk plans to tour extensively in support of his recently released debut album, both across Canada and around the Arctic Circle.

On the song "Sikungilunga" (When I Close My Eyes), Joey Nowyuk sings in the Inuktitut language about the disorienting effect of love. "When I close my eyes, I hear your voice / I look for you but you’re not around / I wake up and feel you near me / Where are you?"


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