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Serene, soulful vocals and dreamy soundscapes make up Jasmine’s organic sound. Her Brazilian-American roots blend together in a gentle breeze of indie folk and Latin pop influences. In writing and producing her debut releases, Jasmine has explored themes of nature, human connection and love. Seasons spent in the mountains of South Africa, in the old cities of Spain, and on the Brazilian coast brought vivid imagery and melodies to her craft. With introspective songs and a voice that reaches the emotional core, Jasmine aims to immerse listeners in feelings of peace, harmony and longing.

After receiving her masters in Music Production from Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, Jasmine worked as a music teacher at the Pan American School in Bahia. She continues to write music, now with 5 singles on streaming platforms, winning awards at the BMI Los Angeles Latin Awards in 2018 and an Honorable Mention in the annual International Songwriting Competition in 2019.


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