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Jann Beaudry

Jann Beaudry


Jann Beaudry is a singer, actress, pianist, and playwright with roots in France on her mother’s side and Martinique on her father’s. Beaudry spent the first 15 years of her life in Laval, a small city in Western France, but convinced her family to move to Martinique so she could absorb more of the rich tropical culture. There she studied acting, sang in local bars and restaurants, and began writing her own songs. After a three-year stint in Paris to pursue her career in acting and music, during which time she recorded her debut album, "Légère," Beaudry has returned to her beloved Caribbean island, whose rhythms serve as her constant inspiration.

Beaudry originally released the single “An Limiè” (In Light) in 2015. Singing in French Creole, this upbeat pop tune with a Caribbean lilt reflects on the meaning of life: “And life is to learn / How happy is a beautiful flower that hangs / Alas in light / At the bottom of our eyes / Stay in the light.”


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