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Jake Soffer

Jake Soffer


Jake Soffer, an accomplished guitarist and composer, is gaining acclaim for his uplifting melodies and expressive grooves, drawing inspiration from folk, roots, ambient, and New Age genres. He approaches the guitar as if it’s an orchestra, exploring the full tonal range and rhythmic possibilities of the instrument. Soffer recently unveiled his fifth release, Green Songs, in late 2023. The EP is a mesmerizing journey through acoustic guitar-driven compositions, resonating with themes of tranquility and escape.

"Queen of the Coast," immerses listeners in a lush, cheery ambiance, evoking imagery of endless coastlines and verdant landscapes. The instrumental track combines the sounds of six- and twelve-string acoustic guitars, the electric guitar, mandolin, electric bass, and drum programming, all performed by Soffer himself. 


Featured on

Café du Monde

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