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Ivette, Rubén Llorach

Ivette, Rubén Llorach


Ivette is a singer and songwriter born in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona. She established her unique connection with music from an early age, influenced by her father and her appreciation for genres like progressive rock and jazz. At the age of nineteen she began developing her distinctive musical style, drawing inspiration from indie-folk and trip-hop artists. Serving as the main vocalist for the band Trifida for five years, Ivette has also collaborated with various artists in Barcelona, maintaining both musical and friendly connections.

Describing herself as a spontaneous and independent artist, she derives her creative energy from personal experiences, travels, diverse cultures, and the people she has encountered throughout her life.

“Estrella” is a hauntingly beautiful tune in which Ivette melds her delicate vocals with the enchanting sounds of percussionist Rubén Llorach’s hang, a metallic musical instrument similar to a steel drum but with a more subtle sound.

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