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Ian Lasserre

Ian Lasserre


Ian Lasserre is a musician from Salvador, Brazil who gained recognition with the release of his first album, Sonoridade Pólvora, in 2017. He combines contemporary sounds with traditional Brazilian music, featuring his acoustic guitar and vocals mixed with Afro-Brazilian rhythms. Laserre’s music is a collision of different musical styles with elements of frevo, samba, MPB and other genres from Northeastern Brazil.

"Minha Bahia" (My Bahia) first appeared on Ian Lasserre's second album, Átimo. The song is a celebration of the beauty and laid-back nature of Bahia, a state in Brazil known for its rich culture and vibrant music scene. Lasserre describes the orange sunsets and rolling hills that stir his heart, repeating "Êa, êa, êa, my Bahia."


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