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Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys

Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys


The Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys are Daniel Waples and Danny Cudd, two maestros of the Hang, a melodic metal percussion instrument reminiscent of the Trinidadian steel drum that was invented in Switzerland in the early 2000s. Waples and Cudd met in 2006 at a music festival in England, before either of them had even learned to play the Hang, and they brought their new musical toys with them to India where they began to perform together. Their 2010 album Vesica Piscis was one of the first Hang duo albums ever recorded, and it has become cult classic among appreciators of the mesmerizing sound of this entrancing instrument. Their live performances are captivating and immersive, as they effortlessly weave intricate rhythms, haunting melodies, and improvisational magic. With their unique and innovative approach to music, Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys have captivated audiences around the globe.


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