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Giselle World

Giselle World


Giselle World, a flutist and vocalist, is a mesmerizing performer who brings elements of ritual and indigenous culture into the electronic music scene. With over a decade of experience in electronic music, she seamlessly blends her classical training with a passion for ceremony and travel.

Her musical journey has led her to create a unique soundscape, characterized by conscious textures and a fusion of tribal electronic medicine music. World's performances are like alchemical experiences, paying homage to the elements and invoking healing through the use of indigenous chants and ancient mantras.

Her track “Agua” is both a prayer to the water that brings us life, and a reminder that we are all water, and come from its many sources. “Show us where we come from”, World sings, “Illuminate us / Remind us that we are water.”


Featured on

Global Groove 4

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