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Feathership is the brainchild of Montreal-based musician Jean-Philippe Sauvé. Initially formed as a six-piece indie-rock band, Feathership quickly gained attention as one of Montreal's most promising new acts. However, as time passed, Sauvé steered the project towards a more personal and introspective direction, highlighting his delicate songwriting. In 2020, Feathership released the EP "The West Side," which showcases Sauvé's knack for crafting memorable melodies and evocative moods, and followed this in 2023 with a second EP, "Peace Talks."

The track "Tant Étrange" (So Strange) is from this second EP, and transports listeners back in time, drawing inspiration from Brazilian bossa nova and the sensual-romantic French music of the 1960s and 1970s. The song highlights the vocal interplay between Sauvé and singer Laurence-Anne, with vintage arrangements and soft drumming that adds depth and texture to the track. The song reflects on the unpredictability of life and love: “Life is so strange / She kisses you and leaves you / And you can't know / If it's forever.” 


Featured on

Café du Monde

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