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Musician Spotlight

Emanuele Tozzi

Emanuele Tozzi


Originally from Abruzzo, Italy and now living in New York City, Emanuele Tozzi’s passion for songwriting started at a young age. He studied music at Scuola Civica di Jazz in Milano and continued his education at the famed Juilliard School, where he developed skills in composition, film scoring and jazz piano. Tozzi has won numerous awards for his songwriting and filmmaking and has performed in respected venues in the US and around the world. His music is a blend of contemporary jazz and traditional classic Italian melodies, bringing a modern twist to Old World music. In addition to his musical talents, Emanuele also holds a Law degree and has completed multiple New York marathons.

Tozzi's instrumental tune "Beautiful Princess" originally appeared on his 2021 album Waltz Street. The album was inspired by the imaginary Waltz Street, an enchanted place in New York City accessible only to those with a kind heart. People come there from all walks of life, forming a precious diversity united by the love of beauty. "Beautiful Princess" offers a romantic musical journey that blends the jazz of Tozzi's adopted American home with Italian cinematic music.


Featured on

Mediterranean Café

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