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El Gato Negro

El Gato Negro


El Gato Negro (Spanish for “The Black Cat”) is a nomadic French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been exploring the world since he was eighteen. El Gato Negro blends jazz, hip-hop, and influences from his global journeys. His repertoire includes philosophical narratives, poetic reflections, and whimsical love stories sung in French, Spanish, or Wolof. French beatmaker Guts produced El Gato Negro’s fourth album, "Tigre qui pleure" (Crying Tiger). Recorded in Dakar, Senegal, the album features a rich fusion of West African and Cuban influences.

For his featured track "Mundo Cae" (The World is Collapsing), El Gato Negro is joined by Assane Mboup, a former member of the legendary Senegalese band Orchestra Baobab. Together they sing about their vision of an apocalyptic future, accompanied by a combination of African soukouss, Cuban son, and Cape Verdean melodies: “Outside it's raining on the world, the planet is turned upside down / With their hearts on the ground, they trample the sky / Happiness, in a salty tear / Artificial intelligence / And the two of us / The world is collapsing / I see flowers in the chaos.”


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Global Beat

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