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Elín Hall

Elín Hall


Icelandic actress and singer-songwriter Elín Hall has always been a storyteller. A former ballerina, Hall turned to the comfort of her guitar, taught to her by her mother from a young age, to process her feelings when she decided to quit ballet. Her ability to tell stories, through her body, her music, and her lyrics, come through in her songs and their messages about the importance of communication and discovering one’s own voice. She has also taken these skills to the screen, where she is best known for her lead role in the award-winning movie "Let Me Fall," for which she received an Edda nomination. 

Her track “Manndráp af Gáleysi” (Involuntary Manslaughter) explores themes of regret, guilt, and the complexities of love in a troubled relationship: “Was it a relentless appeasement or an appeal / Saying you don't want to remember me as a shock? / It follows me like a sentence / Your skin, body, and soul / My spirit is empty.” 


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