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Duo Stiehler/Lucaciu

Duo Stiehler/Lucaciu


Based in Leipzig, Germany, Duo Stiehler/Lucaciu is collaborative project of saxophonist Antonio Lucaciu and pianist Sascha Stiehler. Both classically trained, they are also accomplished jazz musicians with a wide range of experiences as performers, teachers, and concert promoters. Performing together as Duo Stiehler/Lucaciu since 2005, they have released 4 albums with their own Egolaut record label. Their music is an adventurous blend that is hard to pigeonhole, but one can hear elements of classical, jazz, Balkan, hip-hop and more in their eclectic sound. They consider their music a reflection of everyday life, with each melody capturing the essence of small, yet extraordinary moments waiting to be discovered.

Duo Stiehler/Lucaciu’s song “Blauer Flamingo” was the opening track of their 2023 album "Klappen und Tasten." It’s a fun, bouncy instrumental track with a bit of a Jamaican ska rhythm, jazzy piano riffs, electronic beats, and a catchy sax melody that is sure to make you smile and dance along.

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