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Born in Paris in 1963, Clémentine traveled with her family extensively as a child, living for a time in Mexico and several other countries. Exposed to Brazilian bossa nova at an early age, Clémentine began studying jazz when she was 12. During this time, she had the opportunity to sing alongside great musicians such as George Benson, Al Jarreau and Michael Franks. After sending a demo tape to jazz legends Johnny Griffin and Ben Sidran, she was invited to record with them, which led to her signing to the CBS France record label in 1988.

Her career took an unexpected turn when her recordings became hits in Japan, where she has sold over 4 million records. She now lives there and continues to record and represent classic French chanson to appreciative local audiences, as well as build an international fan base. Her style remains true to her French heritage and musical tutelage, all while infusing her sound with jazz and contemporary pop elements.


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Acoustic Paris

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