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Chris Beer, Chiara Minaldi

Chris Beer, Chiara Minaldi

Austria / Italy

Vienna-based musician Chris Beer is known for his uplifting performances, combining charismatic singing, rapping, catchy chants, and superb rhythms. Drawing on his bilingual background, his songs exhibit a passion for melody, language, pun, and rhyme. Beer's musical journey has taken him across Austria and to countries like Poland, Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Italy. His music seamlessly blends vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and electronic elements, creating a vibrant and diverse soundscape.

On "Il Sole in Me - Sunshine" Beer collaborates with Sicilian singer Chiara Minaldi, who began her musical journey at an early age, attending a Jazz school at 18 to refine her skills. She has achieved many awards, collaborated with numerous well-known Italian musicans and is currently the lead vocalist for well-known globalk fusion band, Agricantus. Minaldi sings about the importance of having a positive attitude, "I want some sunshine in my life / And I know / It’s up to me to be feeling all right."


Featured on

Mediterranean Café

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