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Caro & El Club

Caro & El Club

Argentina / Sweden

Caro & El Club is a Swedish-Latino musical collaboration created by Caro Luna and Julián Vigil. Raised in Stockholm by Uruguayan parents, Caro Luna’s musical background was influenced by living and traveling in different parts of Latin America, from her early childhood years in Montevideo and Acapulco, to studying music in Habana. She has performed as a singer on over twenty albums and worked as a musician and background vocalist for many artists at home and abroad. Julian Vigil is a guitarist, composer and music producer based in Stockholm who has produced music in a wide range of styles, but he feels a particular affinity for Latin American music. The music of Caro & El Club features flavors of Mexican rancheras, Cuban boleros, Argentinian tangos and more. Since being featured on Putumayo collections, Ron Deutsch shared an interview he conducted with Caro Luna from his show Hyphenated. Listen to the full interview here and learn more about Caro Luna:

Luna and Vigil embarked on their musical journey with the debut album "Further On The Way" in 2008, followed by extensive tours in Sweden, Europe, and South America. Their artistic evolution continued with the release of "Sigo Cantando" in 2016. This album delved deeper into their cultural roots, infusing their music with powerful and soulful stories from their lives, brimming with passion and authenticity.

The standout track, “Te Dejo Atrás” (I’m Leaving You Behind), from the album "Sigo Cantando," transports listeners to a vibrant South American musical landscape reminiscent of scenes from Almodóvar and Tarantino films. “I don't know why you came / It doesn't matter where you go / I am not who I was with you / There is no turning back, never / My wounded heart, doesn't stop crying / You deserve the punishment of not seeing me again.”


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