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Algeria / Kabylia / Quebec

In July 2003, seven musicians gathered in Montreal with the mission of celebrating their shared Amazigh (Berber) heritage through music. The group began under the name Anzar, and was composed of members from diverse musical backgrounds. They later transitioned to the name Berbanya, a fusion of "Berber" and "Anya" meaning “rhythm” in the Tamazight language.

The band's performances are a vibrant exploration of the rich culture and history of the Berber people. Their compositions, infused with the captivating melodies of North Africa, narrate the tales of this ancient community, extending from the Mediterranean Sea to Egypt and southward to the Nile River. Their debut album l’Autre Rive released in 2013, marked the culmination of years of dedicated work. Building on this success, their second album Tara was released in celebration of the group's 20th anniversary, reflecting their continued commitment to addressing contemporary issues through their distinctive blend of music and lyrics.

Their track “Temzi”, meaning “youth”, imparts sage advice such as “Don’t say things that you’ll regret / Don’t abandon your own parents / Don’t incite hatred / Among friends and among villages / Judge each person by their own worth.”


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Global Café

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