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BélO, born Murat Jean Belony in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti on October 29, 1979, is a celebrated musician renowned for his socially conscious compositions and sophisticated fusion of reggae and soul with traditional Haitian rhythms. BélO released his debut album, "Lakou Tranquil," in 2005, which garnered widespread acclaim. All told, BélO has released 7 albums, each showcasing his evolution as a musician and lyricist. Beyond music, BélO's activism extends to humanitarian efforts, notably raising funds for Haiti's reconstruction after the devastating 2010 earthquake. His commitment to social causes earned him recognition as a World Vision Goodwill Ambassador and led to the establishment of his music production studio, Ason Studio, which supports emerging Haitian talents. BélO has toured extensively across Africa, Europe, and the Americas, advocating for social change and unity through his music.

The "Caribbean Celebration" track “M’Deside,” originally appeared on BélO’s album “Lakou Tranquil." It’s a reggae-flavored tune that comments on a difficult topic: the struggles of conflict and misunderstandings in a relationship. Talking about two angry lovers, BélO sings: “If we let it pass / We will regret it / Darling... why do you despise me / Darling... you don't want me by your side?”

His track “Kote Moun Yo” (Where are My People?), featured on "Global Celebration," originally appeared on his 2016 album “Dizan.” The song reflects on the nostalgia and longing for the lost culture of Haiti, lamenting that local children don’t drink coconut water or listen to stories at their grandfathers’ knees anymore. Instead, “Things have changed / The kids prefer to eat / Packaged food, things from abroad / We are mixed up... we are mixed up.” 


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