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Musician Spotlight

Amy Mamtura

Amy Mamtura

India / Canada

Born in Mumbai, India and raised in Toronto, Amy Mamtura pursued her passion for music after a decade in product design. While her creative inspirations reflect her life as a global citizen, when it came time to write her original songs she gravitated towards her Indian heritage. To bring her musical dreams to life, Mamtura collaborated with Kevin Fernando, a Spotify Radar artist and creative consultant in Toronto. She recorded the vocals for her debut single "Rehgayi" at Cherry Beach Studios in Toronto while the instruments were recorded and produced at Shimmr Studios in Chennai, India.

On "Rehgayi," featured on "World Love Songs," Mamtura sings sweetly in Hindi about a moment of budding romance in which “With eyes alone / Something unknown was said," prompting the singer to drift off into a daydream about where this love could lead.

Her second single, “Koi Nahi Mera” translates from Hindi as “No One is Mine.” The song, showcased on "Café du Monde," is about sensing someone is there when they are only in your imagination, a dream of a love that you have yet to find. The lyrics translate to “No one is mine / But it feels like you are, aren't you? / You appear in my dreams / It feels like you are, aren't you? / I do believe / You are here somewhere / You are, where the river sleeps / There, somewhere, you are.”


Featured on

Café du Monde

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