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Alejo García

Alejo García


Alejo Garcia is a Colombian songwriter and music producer whose work explores the musical diversity of the South American continent, mixing a variety of local instruments and styles with elements of jazz, folk, rock, and other contemporary flavors. His lyrics touch on themes of love, landscape, dreams, and the connection between towns and nature. Based in Medellin, Garcia has released five albums, including one that earned him "Singer-Songwriter of the Year" accolades from a respected Colombian music magazine. Garcia has also worked as a music producer for his own and other artists' albums and composed for documentary films.

Originally composed by Argentinian musicians Juan Sebastián Garay, Matías Adrián Torres and Betsabé Lourdes Garay, “Gracias” is a celebration of life and love and the importance of being thankful. “Oh song! Save me from the misfortune of passing through this life without giving thanks / Oh song! I thank you for the kisses I have given / The fruit, the market, the coffee, and the errands / Oh song! I thank you!”


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