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Agathe Catel

Agathe Catel

France / Brazil

Originally from Southern France, Agathe Catel is a multilingual singer, photographer and avid traveler. Infused with passion and a touch of playfulness, her work reflects the influence of artists such as Gaël Faye and the soothing melodies of Pauline Croze. Formerly a translator, she has now fully embraced her artistry, crafting nuanced lyrics and melodies that captivate audiences of all ages. While often addressing broad themes, she finds her true voice in singing about love. Agathe Catel’s repertoire also includes songs in her native Catalan and Portuguese. With her warm and captivating voice, Catel invites her listeners to contemplate life through a different lens.

Featured on "Mediterranean Café," her track “O Caminho" serves as a heartfelt love song, narrating the transformative power of finding true love and the profound changes it brings to one's perception of life. She embraces a multitude of cultural influences, showcasing her boundless passion for global music. "One day I found you on the way / And my life changed / And I thought everything was much more beautiful."

On "Global Beat" you can hear Agathe Catel singing in French and Portuguese over a laid-back electronic beat on the track "Echappée" (Escape) as she creates an exotic, mysterious and captivating vibe. "Music is the language of the heart / The noise that thinks, the magic that cries / Real, beautiful, and volatile / Powerful, enveloping, sweetness / Music is the smile / The piano's teeth / The strings on a wooden neck / A little bit of you / A little bit of me / Remember that life doesn't last / Don't forget the beauty of the world."

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