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Achille au Cœur Léger

Achille au Cœur Léger


Achille au Cœur Léger is a musical project that began in France during the first days of the Covid-19 pandemic. The confined days of quarantine helped this young songwriter find the time and head space to achieve the musical styles of folk, rock and pop in which he wanted to evolve. Soon, the desire to create a certain character for the music emerged. The classic hero of Achilles fit because of the poetic contradictions he embodies: strength and weakness, hardness and fragility, an early death coupled with an eternity of legend. The music that came out of this creative period, inspired by the lyrics of Lou Reed and the voice of Georges Brassens, is at once powerful but never without its Achilles’ heel of emotional sensitivity.

As the pandemic has rolled on, Achille au Cœur Léger has continued to work on his music and has released two singles, “Si Je Chante” and “Moi la Nuit”. His 1st full EP looms on the horizon like a Greek ship and is expected to capture audiences in 2022.


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