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Putumayo only ships CDs and greeting cards in the US & Canada and books within the US. Our Bandcamp Store ships CDs to Europe.

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Celtic Women

A captivating collection featuring many of Ireland and Scotland's most enchanting female voices!

Like the plaintive cries of the mythical selkie, a seal that transforms into a woman whose haunting melodies can be heard across the rocky shorelines of Ireland and Scotland, Celtic women’s voices have long enchanted listeners. Read more...


Select "buy" below to purchase the CD download on Bandcamp for $9.95 in the digital format of your choice.

Featured Reviews

"For a wonderful treat in Celtic comfort tunes and smooth listening, give a listen to Celtic Women." - Nancy Lorraine, Midwest Book Review

"...the Putumayo label brings us sublime female voices from Ireland, Scotland and others, where a cultured, enlightening, and glorious listening experience unfolds with varied beauty." Tom Haugen, Take Effect Reviews

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