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Putumayo only ships CDs and greeting cards in the US & Canada and books within the US. Our Bandcamp Store ships CDs to Europe.

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Blues Café

A captivating collection of laidback blues by legends and new discoveries from the Mississippi Delta and beyond! 5% of Putumayo’s proceeds from this album will be donated to the Music Maker Foundation in support of elderly blues musicians. Read more...

Package includes:

  • CD + Album Download Card

  • 14 page booklet includes extensive information about artists and songs


Select "buy" below to purchase the CD download on Bandcamp for $9.95 in the digital format of your choice. 

"...Putumayo has assembled these 10 tracks you can enjoy over a glass of fine wine and a conversation you don’t have to shout over... ...everything fits together so well that it practically glides from start to finish." - Dan Willging, Offbeat Magazine

"’s as solid an introduction to the music for friends or family who don’t “get” your blues habit as could exist for a music as varied and broad as the blues." - Jim Trageser, Living Blues

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