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Putumayo Kids Presents: French Dreamland

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Celebrated children’s record label Putumayo Kids introduces children to other cultures through its best selling CD collections that entertain, educate and inspire curiosity about the world. The songs are carefully selected and feature child-friendly lyrics and rhythms by exceptional international artists. Putumayo Kids expanded its globally-themed product offerings with three fun, educational coloring books with African,
Latin American and European themes. Each features the colorful, folkloric artwork of British artist Nicola Heindl, who has illustrated all of Putumayo’s themed CD covers.

Putumayo Kids Presents: American Playground
American Playground
Parents’ Choice Gold Award: “American Playground is a celebration of the music that helped create and distill the American dream, and this fine new CD is a welcomed reminder of simpler times, when America itself was growing up.”
Latin Dreamland
Latin Dreamland
Parents’ Choice Gold Award: “These exquisite and oh-so-tender songs from the heart, culled from diverse cultures of Latin America-Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela – sooth and smooth the way to dreamland, no matter how old the listener.”
Cowboy Playground
Cowboy Playground
Parents Magazine: “Putumayo Kids introduces your little cowpoke to the songs of the Wild-ish West with Cowboy Playground. The 12-track CD includes some of today’s most popular children’s singers performing classic tunes about life on the range, such as “Don’t Fence Me In.”“Yet another solid compilation by the folks at Putumayo World Music. Of course, Cowboy Playground isn’t meant to be a definitive overview of cowboy music, but it does serve as an entertaining sampler of western tunes, old and new.” – About.com