World Ska [10/12/15 – 10/18/15]

12 Oct

Ska is a bouncy musical style from Jamaica, with its roots in the traditional Caribbean styles of calypso and mento. A major precursor of reggae, ska gained new life in the 1970’s when it became a popular with British new-wave bands. Join us this week, and we’ll hear a diverse sampling of this upbeat style, from original ska pioneers to Latin fusion and modern-day takes on this global style.

1 Skatalites Freedom Sounds From Paris With Love / The Caribbean World Village / Putumayo Jamaica 4:25
2 Barrio Zumba Que Pena Suena Por la Calle Global E Rack Mexico 3:20
3 Bedouin Soundclash Walls Fall Down Street Gospels Dine Alone Records Canada 2:31
4 Desmond Dekker Jamaica Farewell Israelites: Anthology 1963-1999 / Caribbean Playground Trojan / Putumayo Jamaica 3:26
5 Locomondo Den Kanei Krio 12 Meres Stin Jamaica / European Playground Music Box International / Putumayo Greece 2:11
6 Roy Paci & Aretuska Ciuri Ciuri Tuttapposto / Putumayo World Party Etnagigante / Putumayo Italy 3:33
7 Los Pinguos My Love Peripecias / Putumayo World Party Los Pinguos / Putumayo Argentina / USA 3:47
8 Go Lem System The Four Ghosts Caceria Go Lem System Argentina / Spain 3:45
9 Jaqee Natty Dread Kokoo Girl Rootdown Records Uganda / Sweden 3:40
10 Pirat’s Sound Sistema Lletres de Colors Pirat’s Sound System vol. III Propaganda Spain 5:00
11 The Cat Empire In My Pocket Two Shoes (Special Edition) Indica Records / EMI Australia 5:04
12 Internationals Un Classico The People Love It WAM Recordings Belgium 2:46
13 Ska Cubano Chango Ska Cubano / The Caribbean Casino Sounds / Putumayo Cuba 2:45
14 Markscheider Kunst Tanec Krasivosleva Gala Records Russia 2:37
15 Johnny Dread Rootsman Dread Reggae Playground / Magnificent People Putumayo/Axum Records USA/Cuba 2:42
16 Tryo Bye Bye Ce Que L’On Sème Salut On Productions France 2:56