World Guitars [1/09 – 1/15]

09 Jan

The guitar has been around for more than 5,000 years.  Found nearly everywhere in the world, and this week, the guitar is adaptable to so many styles of music: rock and roll, blues, jazz, Latin rhythms, and the folk.  This week, we’ll highlight guitarists around the globe, from Latin America to Africa, and Australia to Japan and beyond.

1 Ali Farka Touré Savane Savane World Circuit/Nonesuch Mali 7:43
2 Toumani Diabaté Boulevard De L’Independendance Toumani Diabaté’s Symmetric Orchestra World Circuit/ Nonesuch Mali 3:57
3 Rodrigo y Gabriela Tamacún Rodrigo y Gabriela ATO Mexico 4:23
4 Harry “Haruomi” Hosono Sanji No Komoriuta Tokyo Lounge Vol. 4 Crown Japan 2:42
5 Joe Camilleri Hell to Pay Bakelite Radio Head Records/ Mushroom Music Australia 4:04
6 Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective Weyu Larigi Weyu (Day By Day) Watina Cumbancha Belize 5:23
7 Los Pinguos Esperanza Serenta Los Pinguos Argentina/ USA 4:17
8 Maki Afri-K (Untitled) Track 1 Afro-Caribbean Lounge Palenque Records Colombia 5:26
9 Amin Spicks and Specks Under the Same Sky Stereo Jasrac Japan 2:26
10 Luca Mundaca Nao se Apavore Luca Mundaca/Women of the World: Acoustic Lumeni Productions/ Putumayo Brazil 4:39
11 Max Lasser 2 Talk Between Impact Music South Africa/ Switzerland 2:06
12 Modeste Eritreritra Modeste Space Shop Madagascar 3:56
13 Ernest Ranglin Below the Bassline Music from the Coffeelands Putumayo Jamaica 4:07