Voices of Asia [11/16/15 – 11/22/15]

16 Nov

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, and it has hundreds of distinct cultures. Today, we’ll hear some of Asia’s most intriguing voices, from the grasslands of northwestern China, to the Thai peninsula and the island nations of Japan and Indonesia.

1 Faye Wong Wait a Moment Faye Wong EMI China / Hong Kong 3:25
2 Long-ge Playing Mahjong Face TCM Taiwan Colors Music Taiwan 3:31
3 Niraj Chag featuring Swati Natekar Khwaab Along the Dusty Road / India Buzz-Erk / Putumayo UK/India 3:53
4 Tony Q & Rastafara Bunglon Damai dengan Cinta 267 Records Indonesia 4:14
5 Mamer Iligai Eagle Real World Records China 3:08
6 Rita Lestariani Sinar Akhirnya High-on Chai Productions Indonesia 2:54
7 Kailash Kher & Kailasa Chaandan Mein Yatra (Nomadic Souls) Cumbancha India 4:13
8 Lanna Commins Sincere Lanna Commins GMM Grammy / MGA Thailand 4:19
9 Haruomi Hosono Sanji no Komoriuta Tokyo Lounge Vol. Four Nippon Crown Japan 2:42
10 Mok Kyung Kim Mok’s Blues 6th Blues Album Universal South Korea 6:00
11 The Bangkok Acoustic La-Mer-Sao The Bangkok Acoustic Groovin House Records Thailand 4:53
12 Kiran Ahluwalia Vo Kuch (Passion) Beyond Boundaries / India Kiran Music / Putumayo India / Canada 4:00
13 Amin Time After Time Amin Dreamusic Malaysia 4:23