Acoustic Yoga

Acoustic Yoga

A peaceful musical journey that will soothe your mind and ease your soul.

Acoustic Yoga is the 4th album in Putumayo’s acclaimed yoga series that promotes relaxation through global music journeys. Weaving expressive, acoustic instruments together with warm, soulful vocals, this 66 minute collection is designed to leave the listener feeling a sense of calm and peace.


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Acoustic Yoga co-curator, musician and yoga instructor, Sean Johnson has created a gentle 12 minute yoga practice/guided meditation to Saggio’s “Journey Within,” available only on this website. LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

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The natural resonance, intimacy, warmth and expressive power of acoustic instruments and heartfelt singing can create a beautiful soundtrack for yoga practice, meditation, massage and all-around relaxation. This compilation of serene, mostly acoustic songs and instrumentals is a tapestry of organic tunes from around the world that invites listeners into a relaxed, spacious state of being. Meditative mantras, earthy acoustic guitar, uplifting rhythms, harmonic singing and soothing wind instruments calm the mind and open the heart to a feeling of deep peace and ease.

An antidote to stressful, fast-paced life, this melodious collection of songs has been hand-picked and sequenced to accompany yoga practice and be a soundtrack for anyone who longs to unwind, relax and center themselves through the restorative medium of music.

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