Putumayo Presents: Vintage Latino

11 Oct

“Lucy…You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

If you’re a fan of the Latin sounds from Ricky Ricardo or Sky Masterson, this disc is going to soak into your soul like a Montecristo. Putumayo has assembled a smouldering collection of vintage sounds from Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, the US and other places near and far, keeping with a traditional lilt of bolaeros and cha chas.

Bookended with a romantic serenade of “Perfidia” by Cuba’s Trio Melodicos and a passionate “Besame Mucho” from Colombia’s Yura Buenaventura, you get a 16 piece orchestra from Southern France that sounds like Tito Puente with a beret on “Cha Cha Cha Para Ti” as well as a Venezuelan harp that frames Simon Diaz’s “Despedida” like satin drapes. The rich voice of Colombia’s Arista on “Amantes” or the glowing flute by Nestor Torres on “Tierra Colora’” will make you scramble for everything they’ve ever recorded, and the late Lagrima Rios teams up with composer/guitarist Gustamo Santaolalla for a sweltering “Un Cielo Para Los Dos.” This is music that grabs you by the heart, making it skip a beat.

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