Oktoberfest [9/26 – 10/2]

26 Sep

It’s the season of Oktoberfest in Germany, when tens of thousands of Europeans and tourists from all over converge upon Bavaria to celebrate the region’s famous beer and hearty food. Instead of traditional polkas, we’ll celebrate with some non-traditional German music: hip sophisticated music being created by Germany’s most creative and adventurous musicians, producers, DJ’s and re-mixers.

1 Jasmon Dimdanana Dimandana / World Lounge Peacelounge Recordings / Putumayo Germany / India 4:20
2 Ayo And It’s Supposed to Be Love Joyful Universal Germany / France 5:01
3 Truby Trio A Go Go (Extended Mix) Electros & Latinos Revelde Discos Germany 4:00
4 2raumwohnung Liebe Melancholisch Schon / Music From The Winelands it-sounds / Putumayo Germany 4:21
5 Shantel Bucovina Bucovina Club / Gypsy Groove Essay Recordings / Putumayo Germany 5:00
6 Dissidenten Lobster Song Instinctive Traveller / New World Party Blue Jackel / Putumayo Germany 3:36
7 Prem Joshua Sky Kisses Earth The Lounge Trip 2: Kala Ghoda Style Times Music Germany 8:43
8 Joy Denalane Hochste Zeit Mamani / Global Soul Four Music / Putumayo Germany / South Africa 4:59
9 Mo’Horizons Hit The Road Jack Remember Tomorrow / Cover The World Stereo Deluxe / Putumayo Germany 5:42
10 Mulatu Astatque Emnete (Boozoo Bajou Remix)”



Juke Joint 2: Compiled by Boozoo Bajou Eastern Front Records Germany/ Ethiopia 3:25
11 17 Hippies Frau Von Ungefähr 17 Hippies Hipster Records Germany 3:19
12 Jazzamor with Publique Wann Ist Es Liebe Travel… (In Order Not To Arrive) Blue Flame Records Germany 4:00