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The Vela

The Vela

Italy / USA

The Vela is a collaborative project led by Italian multi-instrumentalists Filippo De Laura and Andrea Filippucci. These producers, composers, and arrangers specialize in soundtracks and songwriting. The term "vela" translates to “sail” in Italian, and it also refers to a constellation shaped like a sail. They recorded their instrumental debut album "Dreaming to Travel" between New York and Rome. The album features tracks played on acoustic instruments from De Laura and Filippucci's collection of rare chordophones, including the root tar, banjola, charango, Portuguese guitar, pedal steel guitar, Chapman stick, cavaquinho, and more.

The song "Dreaming to Travel” is a tranquil instrumental piece that invites listeners on a soothing musical journey.


Featured on

Global Relaxation

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