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Tafa Mi-Soleil (Haiti)

Tafa Mi-Soleil (Haiti)

Evenie Rose Thafaïna Saint-Louis, better known by her stage name Tafa Mi-Soleil, was born in 1998, in Fort Jacques, Haiti. She is a rising star in Haitian music, with a unique voice and a deep commitment to promoting women’s and minority rights. In addition to her music, Mi-Soleil involved in theater and painting. She is even about to launch her own fashion house to explore her passion for haute couture.

The track “Lakou” is from her 2023 EP PHŒNIX, her second musical project. With PHŒNIX, she offers a clever and innovative blend of sounds, spanning Haitian rasin (roots) music, other Caribbean influences, electronic music, and Afrobeats. Her collaborations in this project reveal different facets of her artistry, aiming to captivate a broader international audience while promoting Haitian music and culture globally.


Featured on

Global Groove 4

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