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Musician Spotlight

Simon Chenet

Simon Chenet

France / Burkina Faso

Simon Chenet is a French guitarist and global musical explorer who has been known to dabble in French jazz, African, Latin, and Arab music, not to mention surf rock. As a member of the bands Komasi, Yapa and Joke, he has been invited to play on 5 continents in prestigious jazz, guitar and world music festivals. Like a musical road movie, Chenet’s compositions and many cross-cultural collaborations encourage you to imagine you are traveling the globe through music.

On the song “Niman,” Chenet is joined by Salif Diarra a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer who was raised in a griot family of storytellers and musicians from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Salif began playing music at a young age along with his brothers, Ali and Samba, and also learned to make instruments. In just a few years, Salif went from playing for survival on the streets of Abidjan to touring internationally with the late great Victor Demé, the biggest selling artist from Burkina Faso.


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