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Musician Spotlight

Sara Curruchich

Sara Curruchich


Sara Curruchich, born in 1993 in San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango, Guatemala, comes from a Mayan Kaqchikel community known for its rich artistic heritage and history of resistance. With a musical style that seamlessly blends rock, folk, and traditional Mayan Kaqchikel music, Curruchich's songs reflect her deep connection to her people's collective experiences, struggles, and cultural heritage. Her commitment to preserving historical memory has garnered recognition not only in the realm of music but also in community advocacy. 

Her song “Junam,” sung in the Mayan language of K'iche', conveys a sense of urgency and uncertainty amidst chaos, emphasizing the importance of unity, wisdom, and perseverance to face challenges together: “I don't know why there are no men / I call upon the great elders / Great wisdom / Great lives / Great paths also / Together we work.”


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