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Founded in the early 1990s by Richard A. Morse, a charismatic and visionary musician, RAM's music blends traditional Haitian rhythms with a variety of genres, including rock, reggae, and funk. The band's name, RAM, stands for "Rock and Metal." However, their music encompasses far more than just these influences. RAM's sound is a rich tapestry of percussion, carnival horns, and electrifying vocals, with lyrics that often touch upon socio-political issues, folklore, and spirituality. Their energetic live performances, featuring electrifying dance routines and vibrant costumes, have earned them a devoted global fan base. They are widely considered one the leading band of the racine (roots) music movement in Haiti.

"Tout Pitit (Se Pitit)," featured on the digital album "Tropical Party," incorporates ancient African and Haitian drum rhythms that intertwine harmoniously with electric guitar riffs and swinging Caribbean melodies. The tender song, which calls out "All you children come sit here, I going to watch over you," originally appeared on RAM's 2016 album "RAM 6: Manman M Se Ginen."

Featured on the digital album, "Caribbean Celebration," "Kafou,” one of RAM's most popular songs, refers to a crossroads or intersection, both literally and metaphorically. In Haitian Vodou, "Kafou" is also the name of a powerful and often feared spirit, associated with transitions and boundaries.


Featured on

Caribbean Celebration

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